Biological Concept Behind Causes And Symptoms Of Anal Fissures

Have you ever gone through any of the anal diseases which may not only cause you a lot of pain but then it bleeds too. Anal fissures are one of the tender diseases of anal. This disease causes burning sensations, with haemorrhage while you pass stool and also comprises of irritation. This is the most common disease found in young ones. According to some latest statics, one out of five persons seems to have developed this disease. People generally feel very embarrassed to talk about this openly to their friends and even family members. This hesitation is a major cause that people are being diagnosed with acute fissure and also severe symptoms. In many cases, it becomes difficult to control the pain with the initial prescribed aid.

Anal Fissures can be biologically defined as a tear or a deep cut in the lining of the anal which visibly lines the outer surface. The split occurs in the moist tissues of thin opening which helps in passing out the stool. However, this medicinal condition is quite common and occurs due to negligence and certain bad food habits. The symptoms for the chronic anal diseases are passing hard stools which happens due to intake of food which are less in fibre, cold drinks, using unclean toilet paper, bacteria passed due to dirty hand interface and consumption of mush caffeine. Furthermore, repeated episodes of leukaemia, cancer treatments, and major surgery and diarrhoea leads to serious fissure.

Anal Fissures can be diagnosed by visiting a nearby physician but first it has to be identified with the help of certain symptoms. Swelling, itching before passing the stool and pain which can last for a few minutes or even an hour is the basic indication of this disease. Many a times, some even experience the anal boils. If any two symptoms are found to occur at the same time, it is advised to consult health specialist immediately. However this disease is curable and can be easily controlled by improving the food habits and going through some treatments.

Anal Fissures diagnosis can be done by following certain steps under the guidance of an experienced medical professional. The time taken for it will be according to the condition of fissures developed. Rectal examination is the widely used method in which a live detection is done by inserting a finger inside the tear. However, Colonoscopy and sigmoidoscopy are recommended for severe cases of Anal Fissures. To avoid this disease, it is good to add some nutrition to your daily intake of food and also avoid substances that contain caffeine. If any bubbles are found near the anus take proper care of them immediately, these can head to the anal as well. You can also try anal fissures cream to help cure them.