An Overview Of Career As Environmental Health Specialist

Environmental health provides a rewarding and challenging job in the form of environmental health specialists. Demand of these professionals is bound to grow with the passage of time. The following discussion help you have an overview of environmental health specialists profile.

The environmental health specialists work to achieve the quality standards for various components of the environment, thereby ensuring the health safety for the community. Some of the duties and responsibilities shouldered by these professionals are:

“Enforcement of cleanliness and environmental health regulations made by local, state and federal governments.

“Collection and analysis of samples of food, water, air, soil and other things that can affect the environmental health.

“Conducting inspections at restaurants, schools and other similar places to ensure that the environmental health regulations are being followed.

“Coordination with medical professionals to consult on various issues related to environmental health and so on.

If you are interested to take up this field as career, here is an overview containing useful information about it.

Who Employ Environmental Health Specialists?

The environmental health specialists have the bright chances to work with the health departments at local, state and national levels. Hospitals and environmental health agencies are the other potential employers for these professionals. Wildlife parks and sanctuaries also employ these specialists to ensure environmental health for wildlife.

Pursuing the Degree

A bachelor’s degree in environmental health can help an individual to pursue his or her career as the environmental health specialist. In addition, the bachelor’s degree in the environmental engineering or chemical and biological sciences can also help in this direction. To have advanced career opportunities in the field, you can think of having a master’s or doctorate degree in the field.

Salary and Growth Outlook

The salary of an environmental health specialist can range between $35,000 and $60,000 per year. As per the records, the job opportunities for these specialists increased by 21% between 1993 and 2005. Also, there is an expected increase of the jobs for these professionals by 12% till the year 2010.

As obvious, the environmental health specialist is a field job, so a lot of physical strength is required to maintain the work efficiency.